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Terms & Conditions:

The customer and or the representative for the customer acknowledges the receipt of and agrees to the Terms & Conditions within this document and website.    There are no other terms or conditions implied or expressed, verbal or otherwise other than set forth within this document.  All refunds policy’s and bank charges are defined in this document and may not be changed without explicit approval in writing from the owner of this information.   The owner and management team of this information are NOT medical professionals, we have no medical training what so ever, none!  It is strongly recommended that you seek professional medical advice before discontinuing any medication.  Everyone is different and we have no way of knowing why you have been prescribed the medications that you are on, we take no liability for the use of this information.  The information shared in this document is simply an account of my story and is not meant to be used by anyone.  We are not suggesting that you stop taking your medication, nor in any way should this information be used as a guide to discontinue use of your medication.  This product is for Informational Purposes Only, what you choose to do with the information is up to you.  If you should have any difficulty downloading or opening the files, please send an email to the contact button on the page,  All email requests are responded to within 72 hours.  All sales are FINAL.  There are no refunds of any kind.  There is no warranty or Guarantee of any kind made, expressed or implied, you wave any and all legal rights to any legal action or law suite for the use of this information.  If there are any Disputes, Disagreements and or Lawsuits between Customer and the owner of this information, and or its Owners, Employees, Sub-Contractors or Affiliates initiated by the customer, the customer agrees that the only resolution to solve the dispute will be determined by the laws of the state of Ohio and a professional 3rd party Mediator will be chosen by the owner of this information.  Both parties agree to be bound by the determination of the Mediator and that no legal action may be taken prior to or after Mediation by the Customer. The Customer is responsible for any and all legal fees billed to the owner of this information and or Owners or employees.  All fees for the Mediator will be split equally by both parties and paid up front before the mediation service.